Dhoop Stick Making Machine
Stick less Dhoop Making Machine   Dhoopbatti size 5 mm 5.5 inch 6 mm 3.5 inch 7 mm 2.8 inch 8 mm 2 inch 10 mm 1.4 inch 12 mm 1 inch Anyone die inbuilt with a machine
Dhoop Cone Making Machine
Specifications Descriptions Machine Speed 70-80 cone/minute (Depends on size & Material) (For 1.5’’: 60-70 cone/minute, 1.25’’:70- 80 cone/minute) Size of cone 1, 1.25 & 1.5 Inch (only 1 die free with machine) Machine size 34x23x42 (LxBxH) inch Compressor 1.5 HP (client need to...
Detergent Powder Making Machine
ribbon mixture to cage mill to packaging machine 
Main Machine WRH-100B Material Stainless Steel 430 Temperature range 50-65°C Dehydration Amount 3.5L/h Power Supply 220V/50Hz S.S. Trays TP-7854 Material Stainless Steel 304 Aperture 6*6mm Size 780*540*30mm Mesh GJW-7...
Dryer Machine
Model WRH-100GN Heat pump dryer  Cabinet type Main Machine: WRH-100GN    Material: Stainless Steel 430  Temperature range: 50-80°C      Dehydration Amount: 3.5L/h (@50℃/80%)  Power Supply: 220V/50Hz    S.S. Trays: TP-7854   Material: Stainless Steel 304   Aperture: 6*6mm   Size: 780*540*30mm &...
Dryer 24 tray
24 tray indian verticle dryer tray size Length 22 inch Width 16 inch Height 2 inch 5 kw
Dryer 12 tray
12 tray indian verticle dryer tray size Length 22 inch Width 16 inch Height 2 inch 3 kw
Dehydrator Machine 20 Tray
20 trays dehydrator machine size 420*525*710 Weight 22 kg 220V 1.5 kw tray size 38*40 cm temperature range 30 to 90 degree
Cotton Wicks Making Machine
manual semi auto and auto model are available 1. Manual Cotton wicks machine This is manual machine. Client need to put the cotton and pull himself to get the ready product. Can make both long and round cotton wicks. power 500W Capacity: 30 to 35 wicks per minute 2. Semi auto cotton wicks machine In this machine, client only need to put the cotton and finish product auto gets down. Can...
Sugar Candy Making Machine
sugar candy making machine cotton candy making machine     
Corn Grinder Machine
After the corn enters the dehulling room from the hopper, it moves toward the outlet under the rotation and push of the propelling ribs. In the dehulling room, due to the gradual reduction of the volume of the working room and the influence of the resistance of the machine parts, the squeezing and friction effects in the machine are strengthened, and the rollers are continuously sown With the adva...
CNC Router Machine
NC Studio controller system 3.5kw Air cooling spindle Step motors and drivers T-Slot PVC table Drive System: X and Y axis:Helical Rack and Pinion, Z axis: TBI Ball Screw  One box cutters,total 10 pcs for free   
Oil Expeller Machine ZX105
single press capacity upto 300 kg/hr, repeatation of pina for 2 times capacity 100 kg/hr
Oil Mill ZX85
single press capacity 80kg/hr, repeatation of pina for 2 times capacity 25-30 kg/hr
Medium Oil Expeller ZX20
medium oil press single press of capacity 20kg/hr, 2 times repeat of pina makes 12 kg/hr
Mini Oil Press ZX28A
mini oil press machine 
Bamboo Slicer with Inside Knot Remover Machine
Width of Slice : 30 mm  Min. Thickness : 1.2 mm  Machine Feeder : 4 Stroke   Electric Motor : 2 HP 1440 RPM  (Inside knot removing & slicing) 
Choya Making Machine -  Bamboo Thin Slicer Machine
(To make Thin Slice) Model No. : PBM-SC-006  Max Width of Slice : 30 mm Minimum Thickness : 0.7 mm Electric Motor : 0.5 HP 1440 RPM
Choya Making Machine (Bamboo Slicer Machine)
Bamboo Slicer Machine – Two Stroke  Max. Width : 30 mm Min. Thickness : 1.2 mm  Electric Motor : 1 HP Machine Feeder : 2 Stroke (To slice Bamboo in uniform thickness
Bamboo Splitter Manual
  Division : 6 Division Outer Dia. : 125 mm Power : Not Required (To split the bamboo by hand)
Bamboo Splitter Machine Auto
 Split Outer Dia. : 200 mm Division : 4 Nos. (4,6,8 & 12 Div.)  Max. Splitting Length : 8 feet   Feed : Auto Chain Drive  Electric Motor : 7.5 HP 3 PH 960 RPM (To split Bamboo by Auto chain drive)
Bamboo Cutter Machine
Bamboo Cross Cutter Machine Production Capacity : 3000 Cut / 8 Hrs.  Max. Cutting Capacity : 115 mm  Max. Cutter Dia. : 350 mm  Electric Motor : 1 HP 1440 RPM (To cut the Bamboo in required length)
Chicken hair remover Machine with Boiler 650
Chicken plucker with water boiler attached CB650 ( 4 to 6 chicken, per chicken weight less than 7 kg, capacity less than 15 kg)
Chicken Defeathering Machine C650
Chicken plucker  C650 ( 4 to 6 chicken, per chicken weight less than 7 kg, capacity less than 15 kg)
Chicken Hair Remover Machine C600
Chicken Plucker  C600 ( 3 to 5 chicken, per chicken weight less than 4 kg, capacity less than 10 kg)
Chicken Plucker Machine C550
Chicken Plucker  C550 ( 2 to 3 chicken, per chicken weight less than 3 kg, capacity less than 7 kg)
Chana Press Machine
Chinese 2 kw mini press 50 kg/hr Chinese 5.5 kw heavy press roller size 18 cm diameter 50 cm length Indian Chana pressing machine, 12"Roller Size x 10" Dia, 2 Roller with 1 H.P. 1440 RPM Crompton Greaves Ele.Motor,Mild Steel Stand Covering Gurad in Mild Steel, Roller In Mild Steel, Per Hr 200 Kgs Capacity, Machine Weight 90 Kgs Indian Chana pressing machine, 12&qu...
Car Wash machine
The new generation of touchless car washing system stands out in so many ways: Looks, mechanics, flexibility, and versatility. It has been created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals in the wash world. What’s more, this new series has a special quality which makes it different to anything the market has ever known before: Its adaptability. The interior immediately appeal...
Cabbage Cutter Machine
cabbage and onion cutter for momo and chowmein 
Vegetable Bowl Chopper Machine
This machine is best to use for making veg kima as it can make fine ledo of cabbage and onion 15 liter bowl and 1 kw motor
Bubble Tea Shaker Machine
 shaker machine for bubble tea  Rotate speed: 340r/min
Cup Sealer Roll Films
films for cup sealer bubble tea 
Bubble Tea Cup Sealer Machine Auto
auto cup sealer for bubble tea 
Cup Sealer Machine Semi
semi cup sealer for bubble tea 
Bottle Blowing Machine
250 ml to 1000 ml size bottle blowing mahcine Semi auto bottle blowing Machine: Host+heater (Covering an area of 3.5 square meters) (Volume: 5 m3) Output according to bottle type 700-800PCS/H      Product specification Bottle body diameter 20mm-100mm    Bottle body height 50mm-340mm         Bottle mo...
Dryer Dehydro Machine
this machine is used to remove extra oil and water from the food materials chips and bhujiya namkin
Choya Making Machine Bamboo Slicer
Bamboo Cross Cutter Machine (To cut the Bamboo in required length) : Model No. : CNB-C-001  Production Capacity : 3000 Cut / 8 Hrs.  Max. Cutting Capacity : 115 mm  Max. Cutter Dia. : 350 mm  Electric Motor : 1 HP 1440 RPM Bamboo Splitter Manual (To split the bamboo by hand) : Model No. : CNB-MS-007 Division : 6 Division  Outer Dia. : 125 mm Power :...
Bread Proofer Machine
Bread proofer 15 tray and 30 tray available
Fabric Bag Printing Machine
2 color and 3 color machine are available Equipped with meter counter for pre-alarming bell. 2. 1500-3500pcs/hour, infinitely variable. 3. Imported good quality PVC transmission belt, automatically positioning. 4. Oil leaking device can be replaced freely, ink transfer roller and plate can be separated and harmonized. 5. Printing roller can be can be automatically tracing and sep...
Areca Leaf Plate Making Machine
areca leaf also known as supadi patta, can make dona thali for daily use. single die, 3 die 6 die are available. all round square deep plate die mould available
Aata Mill Flour Mill
cleaning machine, elevator, round separator, high pressure blower, destoner, aata separator, flour mill, screen machine 
Sugarcane Juicer Machine Indian Model
eco model sugarcane machine indian model  .overload tripping with reverse forward system available 4 inch ss roller with 3 roller italian gear box ( no chain)  
Sugarcane Juicer Machine Chinese Model
Full SS model with filter and tap system 
Sugarcane Juicer Machine Heavy Duty Model
7.5 inch big roller Heavy duty body  can load more than one sugarcane at a time
Rice Mill 6N70 Pro Max
Includes the impurity separator and the broken rice separator, both of them are mechanical drive, not need any extra power to drive it. 20 positions for more precise adjustment of the milling pressure, suitable for all types of rice, for reducing broken rice sieves are madeof stainless steel, making it more durable and less prone to damage Broken rice separator and impurity separator is dism...
Rice Mill 6N70 Pro
high yield rice mill of capacity 400 to 600 kg/hr 7.5 kw motor and 0.75 kw elevator elevator system for easy working rice mill rice sieve is larger, faster and more stable, more productive. latrger capacity square hopper  auto collection of rice bran 
Rice Mill 6N70
high yield rice mill of capacity upto 600 kg/hr rice sieve is larger faster and more stable, more productive roller size 70*310 mm  
Butterfly Rice Mill
spindle speed 1400-1600 rpm 100% safty than regular holler mill converts paddy into semi polished rice ( raw and parboiled) High milling milling rate (over 75%) and low breakage of rice rice screen  and roller are durable ( 5 to 10 times use life than others) suitable for farmers small scale business
Vaccum Disc Mill Suction type
powerful blower, providing powerful suction, automatically draws the materila into the machine and crushes it, saving time and labour the unique design of the internal secondary crushing structure prevents the material from directly hitting the sieve, extending the service life of the sieve by 5 times  
Stamp Making Machine
office company restaurant stamp logo making machine 
Spiral Mixture
spiral mixture for bakery shop and restaurant. all size are available
Soap Making Machine
soap making machine include sigma mixture, triple roll mill, simplex ploddar or vaccum duplex ploddar or vaccum twin duplex ploddar, stamping soap name printing machine, cutting machine and packing machine 
Sausage Making Machine
Sausage making need kima meat mincer, bowl chopper, sausage filler machine, smoky chamber, vaccum packer and ice crusher
Pouch Packing Machine
automatic pouch packing machine to pack masala, powder, cereals, grains and many more 
Potato Slicer Machine
potato slicer machine that slicer in 3 different size plain slicer, zig zag slicer and potato stick size
Potato Peeler Machine
5 kg to 25 kg batch potato chips machine available ss machine 
Potato Chips Machine
this plant include potato peeler, potato slicer, potato dehydro dryer machine, fryer machine, deoiler machine, coating pan mixture and packaging machine 
Pasta Making Machine
manaul semi automatic and automatic pasta making machine available 50 kg , 100 kg and 200 kg available all size pasta can be made macaroni sewai all kind
Noodles Making Machine
indian manual noodles machine 2 roller capacity 100kg/hr 2 hp motor easy to use  auto noodles making machine 10 to 20 roller capacity 200 to 300 kg/hr  
Momo Making Machine
round shape nepali momo making machine. patalo pitho 15 to 25 gram momo dallo 100% successful machine with more than 1000 machine running all over the nepal 
Mini Rice Mill
model 6N40  spindle speed 1400 to 1600 rpm easy to operate, easy to collect rice bran, easy to change spare parts               high milling rate (over 75%) and low breakage of rice
Lanyard Heat Press Machine
landyard heat press machine 25 by 100 c, single side and double side printing 
Vegetable Juicer Machine
carrot, radish, tomato green vegetables, apple, grapes, pineapple juicer 
Sugarcane Juicer Machine
3 model available indian eco ss model  indian MS heavy duty model Chinese SS model   
Juicer machine
can extract juice from orange, mausambi, grapes, sweet lemon, pine apple, apple, watermelon, anar and other fruits
Softy Icecream Making Machine
model BJ218C-D2   compressor power 1.25 hp   material cylinder capacity 6L*2
Hydraulic Press Machine
Hydraulic Used Clothing Baler Machine Appliance: This series machine mainly is used for baling cartons, cotton yarn, plastic, wood, etc. It is designed as vertical structure, hydraulic transmission, electrical control and manual binding. Usually the pressureforce of this series is from 10 ton KN to 60 ton KN, the efficiency is 4 ~ 6 pieces per hour. The weight of each piece is from 30 Kg to 300...
A3 flatbed printer for dark and light t-shirt Automatically adjust the printable height (also can be adjusted manually). With two tray,both for children and adult. ( One is metal , another two is foam ). Free RIP9.0 software, can print both white and color at the same time to improve production efficiency. Printer software : AcroRip9.0 ,Can print white and color at the same time . T-Shirt...
Printing Width: 330mm   Printhead:XP600  Printhead: 2  Suitable Media: PET Film Heating and Drying Function: Front Guide  plate heating, solidflied upper drying, cold air cooling function Printing Speed:4-10 m/h  Printhead Cleaning: Automatic  Heating Method: Front Guide Plate Heating platform suction adjustment: YES Printing Interface:USB3.0 Tempeature:15-30 Deg...
Flour Mixture Machine
for mixing flour for momo restaurant, bakery , school and college  flour kneading and mixing
Dough Mixture Machine
dough mixture ranging from 5 kg to 25 kg in common use for mixing of flour in bakery, momo restaurant and roti restautant
Disc Mill
spindle 4500rpm Simple structure, easy to operate and clean, good in crusher effect, the crushed material can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber. particle size can be obtained by changing the pore sizes of the screen jali. suitable for wheat (0.2 mm), maize, soyabean, peas, coffee beans, paddy rice, dry masala, turmeric, dry chilli, white and black pepper, bait, fish bone....
Cream Separator Machine
both manual or electric cream separator available 60 liter hand or electric 160 liter hand or electric 325 and 550 liter electric 
Cream Mixture Machine
cream mixture 15 liter to 40 liter for bakery 
Mini Combined Rice Mill
Rice mill 100kg/hr  Disc mill 150kg/hr Rice mill combined with disc mill crusher can remove paddy husk,whitening rice, crush rice bran at one time  can be used on domestic electric supply and consumes less electricity with alloy steel roller that the rice has low breakage after processed easy to  change spare parts when needed suitabel for farmers, small scale busines...
Chiura Machine
PADDY ROASTER Size- 10 ft  Shaft Size-75mm  2 main stand Block bearing & bush Pulley set Motor stand Counter set Feeder set Firing blower 2 hp motor  Chura machine 42”X42”with  7.5 hp 960 rpm motor 180 kg/hr  Chura machine 42”X42”with 10 hp 960 rpm motor  Chura grader with 2 HP motor 
Bread Cutting Machine (Bread Slicer)
bread slicer of 12 mm or 15 mm
Kima Mixture Machine
1.5 ft, 2 ft, 5 ft ribbon mixture available details in the picture 
Electric Fryer
electric fryer 5 to 35 liter 
Bhujiya Namkin Making Machine
Beshan Mixing Machine - 5 kg, 10 kg,15 kg, 20 kg batch machine  Farshan Namkin Machine- 7 inch and 9 inch  Fryer Machine - electric 20 liter, 25 liter,120 liter Diesel 120 liter  De-hydro Dryer machine- drum size 12 by 14 inch , 16.5 by 16.5 inch Namkin Bhujiya Mixture - 1.5 ft, 2 ft, 5 ft Packaging Machine
Bhuja Making Machine (Roaster Machine)
roaster machine power with lpg gas or wood fire or bhus 0.5 HP motor to rotate drum  capacity from 100 kg to 500 kg available
Barbeque Machine ( BBQ Machine)
bbq machine availabel in charcoal or electric power with ss stick  10 to 16 sticks moodel
Twist Cookies Machine ( Batare Making Machine)
2 nozzle and 3 nozzle machine available twister size 2 cm has output of 17 kg per hour and twister size 1.2 cm has output of 10 kg per hour
Band Sealer Machine
used for packing smal pouch of cereals detergent chips masala and many more upto 1 kg 
Banana Fiber Extraction Machine
banana fiber is extracted by pressing the banana stem by rolls of the machine   
Bakery Oven
both electric or gas oven  or diesel oven  single deck, two deck, three deck oven, pizza oven mini oven to 12 tray 24 tray 36 tray oven available
Badge Making Machine
32 mm to 48 mm badge can be made form same machine  all size moulds die are available 
Interlock Block Making Machine
interlock block making machine 1500 to 2000 block per hour manual machine no electricity low maintainance
Hydraulic Block Making Machine
mould size 300 by 150 by 100 mm 2 pcs/mould cycle time 15-20 second Pressure 16MP
Block Brick Making Machine Auto
fully automatic block making machine fly ash making machine  can make all kinds of block and tiles  product quantity 400 * 200 * 200mm  8 pcs/mold   Power 33.4KW   Cycle 15s    W...
Cling Film Rewinding Machine
cling film rewinding machine with speed of 1000 Rolls/8 Hour plc and servo based machine  3 in 1 machine with rewinding of aluminium, butter paper and cling rolls Maximum Foil Width 12 inch Maximum Unwinding Diameter 20 inch  
Butter Paper Rewinding Machine
Butter paper rewinding machine with speed of 500 rpm plc and servo based machine  3 in 1 machine with rewinding of aluminium, butter paper and cling film rewinding machine availble without printing, with one color and two color printing machine
Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine
alumimium rewinding machine with speed of 500 rpm plc and servo based machine  3 in 1 machine with rewinding of aluminium, butter paper and cling rolls availble without printing, with one color and two color printing machine Maximum Foil Width 12 inch Maximum Unwinding Diameter 20 inch  
Aluminium Container Making Machine
semi-auto production line include: decoiler and lubrication device, servo feeder, high precision punching machine Pressure : 250 KN Stroke : 180mm Work Plate : 600x600mm Max Height of Mould : 490mm Stroke Hold Size : 145x320mm Work Plate Hole : 160x160mm Work plate Thickness : 50mm Dimension : 1050x1000x18000mm Motor Capacity : 4 Kw Production Capacity 50 Pcs/Min. Weight : 2.6 T   A...
Agarbatti Making Machine Indian Model
Model 50 Machine Speed: 200 Stroke/minute  Production: 60 kilos/8 Hr. (depends on raw material)  Counting: 8”-1000 pieces & 9”- 900 pieces Required power: 1HP three phase/single phase. Drive: 1HP (with 1-year free replacement warranty)  Length of incense: 8” & 9” (12” optional chargeable)  Machine weight: 100 Kg....
Agarbatti Making Machine Vietnam Model
vietnam model hung tung model agarbatti making machine capacity of 40 kg per day easy to use and user friendly hung tuan model piston die all spare available 6 month warranty in this model  stick diameter 1.2 - 5.0 ( mm )
5 in 1 Heat Press Sublimation Machine
5 in 1 heat press machine for printing tshirt cushion mug cup bottle magic cup rock and many more  machine set includes 29*38 cm 5 in 1 machine mug press, plate press, cap press, silicon pad temperature ranges from 0 – 250 C  
Single Heat Press Machine
single heat press 15 by 15 inch use for tshirt, cushion and garments printing 
Momo Wrapper Making Machine
momo roti size from 4 cm to 9 cm  roti weight ranges from 5 gram to 16 gram  momo roti puri roti can be made all size die mould are available extra mould cost NPR 12000 to 15000 
Agarbatti Making Machine Foot Press Manual
Manual foot press machine easy to use user friendly, low maintainance  all spare parts are available easy to use production around 8 to 10 kg 
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