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Water Plant

Water treatment system

Raw Water to   Raw Water Tank to  Water Pump to Quartz Sand Filter to Active carbon filter to Pump to Water tank to Reverse Osmosis to Precision Filter to Sodium Ion Filter to Ozone sterilizer

Filling & packaging system

Manual Capping

  Manual bottle uploader to 12-12-1 inner filling Tank to Full bottle conveyor to Lamp checker to  Ware house to PE film packing machine to Code sprayer to Label machine to Blow dryer

  1. Rated capacity:500ml/1000ml      500/1000/2000BPH
  2. Filling material: pure water
  3. Filling container type: PET bottle, Max diameter 96mm.
  4. Max height: 310mm (special order could design)
  5. Filling type: Neck- hold conveyor
  6. Cap: Standard HDPE screw cap, diameter 30/25mm
  7. Filling temperature: Normal temperature
  8. Label: PVC sleeve labe/Sleeving and shrinking Label
  9. Packaging:  4×6 film package (1000ml
  10. conveyor mode: Full bottle Conveyor belt
  11. Resource Power: 380V, 50Hz, three phase