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Toilet paper Roll Making Machine

This process starts from

toilet paper rewinding machine

Functions:  Auto rewinding, perforation and cutting, Automatic glue spraying, Auto pneumatic paper loading, With synchronous belt, Automatic paper pushing function, PLC,three jumbo roll stands, Automatic core dropping function, embossing function

Paper Cutting machine with Saw

Cutting length: Adjustable   Capacity: 2ton/day

Saw strip length: 3750mm   Power supply: 1.5kw

Weight:460kg   Host machine size:2000*700*1800mm

Sealing Machine

Power: 220V   Submersible pump power  consumption: 0.15

Sealing width: 450mm  Shallow Heating wire width: 6mm

Round Heating wire dia:0.5mm   Machine size: 750*700*800mm

Machine weight: 40kg

air compressor is also needed