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Notebook Making machine

This Process includes
1. Paper Cutting Machine- cutting length 18 to 42 inch

Back gauge slides in a square groove to ensure against any cross cutting.
Main Steel Parts are bright chrome nickel plated and the machine is best painted to give high class finished looks as well as best performance for long periods forever.
The Machine can be operated by hand as well as by power.

2. Edge Squaring Machine – standatd size 85 cm

The book/exercise Notebook is hydraulically pressed by pressure clamp beams to clamp the book/exercise Notebook, spine is pressed by rollers by hydraulic cylinder horizontly (adjustable to suit paper used) which is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Control) that can be set to desired results.

The machine in Single Stroke Mode and Double Stroke Mode. Both modes operate automatically (Single Stroke) first press the notebooks then the rollers flatten the edge, (Double Stroke) the first press get released slightly and again presses the notebooks and the rollers again flatten the edge.
The machine can also be used for Claming only when squaring is not required.

3. Stitching machine- size 16mm, 5/8

and other different additional types of machinery as per requirement

all machine can be customized
220V single phase motor
easy for use
raw materials easily available in Nepal market