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Ice-cream Making Machine

Different kinds of Ice cream machine like Softy Ice cream, Hard Icecream and Baraf Ice cream

Stainless Steel Beater, Automatic Pre-cooling, So it can hold liquid ice cream over night, Infrared ray Automatic induction dispense, Turbine reducer,no belt rotation, Automatic counting function; automatic reset handle, Making long ice cream and frozen yogurt ice cream machine.

Single Flavor, 2+1mixed flavor

Output: 20-40L/H

Cylinder: 1.5L/ 2L x2

Hopper: 7L/10Lx2

Power: 1.8/2/2.2 KW

Motor Power: 750W

Compressor: Panasonic &R410a

Continue Dispense: 12pcs/15 pcs/20pcs for each flavor

N.W/G.W.: 102 to 150 as model