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Egg Tray Making Machine

Average Total length ≥30m width≥15m,Factory: Height≥3.5m,

width≥5M length≥7M Area:≥100 ㎡

Voltage:380 V

Different Capacity of 1000, 1500, 2500,3500 trays per hour available

for 1000 tray per hour,

Waste paper consumption is 90 kg per hour.

Water consumption is 180 kg per hour.

The size of the tray can be customized according to the need and size the eggs.

Raw materials are waste papers, cartoons and paper products which are easily available in local areas.

The use of water for production is recycled and no waste water is discharged.

Customer Preparation

Connecting pipeline among all the equipment (main equipment and auxiliary equipment), valves, switch, electric wires and electric cables, trunkings, holders and any other things that can be used to connect. Tool box consumable for the installation of the machinery. Drain ditch for installation and equipment installation basis. Electric source and water source: connecting the electric source to power interface of pulping control system and mainframe control system, connect the water source to appointed interface of pulping system.