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Bamboo Stick Making Machine

this process include

Bamboo Toothpick Supporting Machine
1Original Bamboo Sawing MachineCN-1111.560750*600*1300
2Original Bamboo Slitting MachineCN-1023.05303000*950*1200
3Bamboo Wafer SeparatorCN-1033.72601180*680*1100
4Bamboo Filament Forming MachineCN-1049.14001020*690*1050
5Bamboo Filament Sizing MachineCN-1050.7575800*700*900
6Toothpick Sizing MachineCN-1142.75140900*700*950
7Toothpick Polishing MachineCN-801.51101050*1050*1200
8Toothpick Sorting MachineCN-1130.55651050*900*850
9Toothpick Sharpening MachineCN-2681.65160950*650*1050
10Knife MachineCN-1080.5550450*400*870
  1. The device used the toothpick two ends both sharp. The usual specification of bamboo toothpick: diameter 2.0mm, length 65mm.
  2. The technological process of the above-mentioned product: original bamboo—taking sawing—cutting bamboo cane—play section and fix width then wafer separate—wiredrawing—bleaching—drying—cutting with fixed length—polishing—sorting—sharpening—packing.
  3. The above mentioned ten machines as a production line. They can produce wooden toothpick that two ends both sharp 600000-800000 in 8 hours. Mechanical operation needs 4-6 people, male or female. We adopt 380v industrial electric. If we add a set of No.9 machine, then the output is doubled.

If customers need the bamboo toothpick that one end sharp one end carving design, we just replaced No.9 Toothpick Sharpening Machine. The output will be achieved 500000— 700000 in 8 hours. If we add the No.9 machine, then the output is doubled.

  1. Usually every 100kg fresh bamboo can produce 2.0x65mm specification of bamboo toothpick about100000-130000. According to the different material, the weight is about 13-16kg.