9-Step Guides to Use Oil Press Machine: Installation Process

27 Sep
9-Step Guides to Use Oil Press Machine: Installation Process

Step Guides To Use Oil Press Machine

In today’s generation, the demand for oil is increasing, be it for regular meals, or fast foods. As oil consumption is increasing, the process of oil extraction through an oil press machine has been a necessity. Are you also interested in conveniently using our Oil Press Machine? Instructed use of extracting oil from your preferred raw materials is now convenient. Join us to learn more on how to use an oil press machine, as a complete beginner. In this step-by-step guide, you can get knowledge on how to start the process, operate the machine, pre-process raw materials, and stay informed about safety measures. Read more to learn more about extracting oil with ease.

Step-1: Before Starting

Before you get started with your oil extraction process in the oil press machine, you can inspect if necessary raw materials are present there. Also, ahead of beginning, you can clean your space, and make preparations for installing your oil press machine. The initial preparation can speed up the process and this also deals with checking the workspace before installing the machine.

Step-2: Unpacking your Oil Press Machine

If you recently got an oil press machine for your convenience. You can unpack it, clean the spare parts, and ensure that all of those are in good condition, and can be put to use. Gathering materials, checking the quality and branding of the machine, and assembling machinery parts before installation are included in this step.

Step-3: Installation of the Oil Press Machine

After inspecting the machinery, gathering tools and accessories, and assembling its parts, you can install the oil press machine. Afterward, you can use safety gear, and get prepared for the oil extraction process. Proper installation of the machine is a crucial step as this is the primary step, based on which oil quality and yield from various grains, nuts, and seeds are determined.

When installing the oil press machine, you can select an appropriate location for setting up, especially on the surface where space is enough and sufficient to put it into operation. Using the instructions in the user manual, you can correctly assemble the machinery parts, and test run the machine for further use.

Step-4: Operating the Machine

The next step requires reading the instructions of manufacture and operating the machine accordingly. You can plug in the machine, and start oil pressing and extraction. The heat pressure and other settings are accessed as per the type of oil seeds and oil content.

Next, you can start operating the machine. But before that, checking electrical connections, and also ensuring the required parameters and recommended settings of temperature and pressure before putting the oil press machine one use is advisable.

Step-5: Go through Safety Notes in the User Manual

While operating the machine, make sure you go through the safety notes printed in the user manual from the manufacturer. The instructions and guidelines are helpful to have a safe extraction of oil through the machine.

Ensuring ways to prevent overheating of the material, and putting it in a space where airflow is proper, would be a wise idea. For additional safety, you can prevent electrical mishaps, by checking if the grounding of the oil press machine is suitable or not.

Step-6: Processing the Raw Materials

During oil processing, you can control the oil content based on the type of raw materials. Look if the oil content is overheated or overflowing, and accordingly make adjustments to get the desired quality and yield of oil.

You can look through the operator's tips and tricks for proper extraction of the oil press machine. Through the required knowledge and skills for operation, one can successfully process a desired quality of oil from the oil extraction machine.

Step-7: Factors Affecting Oil Extraction

Certain Factors Affecting Oil Extraction Process in general. From types of seeds, and quality of equipment to operator skills, all matters when extracting oil in your brand-new oil press machine. It depends on if the machine is manual or automatic in nature.

a) Type of Raw Material

Be it any sort of seeds, nuts, grain, or the particle size of the raw material that is used for oil extraction, the process may vary. They uniquely possess variants in texture, size, moisture and oil content, and characteristics, based on these, the whole oil extraction process needs to be tailored accordingly. When handling oil extraction, you need to recall that the products with less moisture are handy to use, and excessive moisture may result in a poor oil extraction process.

b) Temperature and Pressure

Temperature and pressure both play crucial roles when it comes to the manual oil extraction process. Though heating and pressure are required by the machine to some extent, excessive heating and pressure can often lead to a degradation in the quality of the oil extracted. Though the process may become quick with high pressure and high temperature in combination, the overall yield and quality of the oil extracted from the oil press machine can be affected.

c) Method of Extraction

Not all oil press machines use the same extraction process to produce refined oil. There are several variants when it comes to oil extraction, be it manual pressing, mechanical pressing, cold or hot pressing. The extraction method solely varies based on the desired oil quality and the choice of the raw material.

d) Pre-processing of the Raw Material

Pre-processing of the raw materials such as cleaning, roasting, and removing seed coat is a crucial factor impacting the yield of oil. In the pre-processing step, removing unwanted parts, and impurities, and modifying the seeds are done.

e) Post-extraction Process

After the oil extraction process, post-extraction processes like refining and filtering are also some crucial factors responsible for the better quality of the oil. Understanding the need and postoperative skills is key here. You can also maintain and clean the oil press machine to prevent any issues and prevent it from showing any undesired behavior in the coming time.

Step-8: Troubleshooting

After installing and operating the oil press machine, you can troubleshoot if any issue in the functionality of the machine is seen. The goal is to diagnose any lack of standard operation in the oil press machine and make routine inspections if failure in oil extraction is seen. Routine inspection and troubleshooting of any malfunctioning can help allow the machine to be in proper working condition for future use.

Step-9: Storing the Oil

The oil extraction process does not end here, you also need to have knowledge on handling your kitchen appliances oil. Also, knowledge of storing oils in your pantry is essential. Be it virgin olive oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, or peanut oil, you need to store it in cool places, away from the excessive heat of the sunlight. This process also ensures the food safety of the edible oil and keeps it healthy to consume and use in the long run.


All in all, for a cooking enthusiast like you, this naturally processed oil for your domestic use is a big investment. It can also provide endless possibilities and handy knowledge of processing raw materials in various forms. By following the aforementioned techniques, you can conveniently use self-extracted oil for various purposes. Learn more on how you can get affordable prices for the oil press machine, with authentic machine suppliers and dealers, like Changing Nepal.