Best Bubble Tea Machine Price in Nepal: Features and Benefits

14 Sep
Best Bubble Tea Machine Price in Nepal: Features and Benefits

Bubble Tea Machine in Nepal

Bubble Tea has been a trendy drink in Nepal. With simple ingredients like tea, bubble tea powder, syrup, creamer, crystal boba, jelly, popping boba, and smoothie paste, these drinks are made. It adds flavor and taste to the buds and also offers relaxation to the body. Bubble Tea Machine is an automatic machine that assists in making consistently sweetened beverages, aka bubble tea. The demand for the beverage is increasing, and investing in a Machine for your Boba tea business is a wise choice.

Bubble Tea Enthusiasts might be interested in purchasing these machines to increase their Boba tea production scale. Also, it adds consistency, sweetness, and flavor to the drink by proper shaking of the mixture.

Types of Bubble Tea Machines in Nepal

Here are the Top reviewed Bubble Tea Machines available in Nepal. To succeed in this trending business idea, you can get hold of these Bubble Tea Machines. Usually, these machines are variants in functions, and they are,

Bubble Tea Fructose Dispenser

Bubble Tea Fructose Dispenser is an ideally used machine for dispensing fructose or sugar syrup in the drink. This machine ensures consistent sweetening of every cup of bubble tea and adds nutritional value to the beverage.

Bubble Tea Shaking Machine

Bubble Tea Shaking machine is a convenient machine that replaces manual labor costs for shaking the drink. This machine shakes the drink by offering a 360-degree rotation of the cup. It blends all the ingredients together and makes a perfect cup of sweet5 beverage, ready to serve.

Bubble Tea Sealing Machine

The bubble Tea Cup Sealing Machine aids in making the product ready to deliver to the customer. Once, this sweet bubble tea is ready, they are now sealed at the top and sold to the customer.

Type of Bubble Tea Machine Price in Nepal
Bubble Tea Fructose Dispenser Rs 33,000 to 71000
Bubble Tea Shaker Machine Rs 45000
Bubble Tea Cup Sealer Machine Auto Rs 75000

Where to Buy Bubble Tea Machines in Nepal?

In this article, you can learn about buying a Bubble Tea Machine in Nepal. You can buy it at affordable and premium prices, by making direct inquiries to local suppliers and online retailers.

Here at Changing Nepal, you can get an authentic supply of your Bubble Tea Shaker Machine and Cup Sealer Machine. Also, Cup Sealer Roll films are available in Changing Nepal for Rs 3500, with a capacity of 2800 to 3000 pcs per roll.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Bubble Tea Machine

When seeking bubble tea business equipment, you need to assess the needs and preferences of your business. In the process of Machinery Selection for the Top Bubble Tea Business in Nepal, you can consider specific models, brands, their features, reviews, and prices. Also, You can consider these factors, which are crucial before making a purchase decision.

1. Capacity

You can refer to the capacity and functionality of the machine before selecting an ideal bubble tea machine for your business in Nepal. For heavy production, a machine with a higher capacity can be on demand. Hence, you can compare various bubble tea machine prices and capacities in Nepal.

2. Functionality

Careful analysis of the functionality of the bubble machine, whether it is used for mixing, cup sealing, or dispensing sugar syrup, needs to be analyzed. Also, ensuring the proper functionality of the machine is a key consideration to perform.

3. Budget

You can match the machines with your budget before setting up your Bubble Tea Business in Nepal. Choosing a machine that is cost-effective in the long run and is within your budget adds value to your business. When the budget meets demand, you can make an informed choice of investing in a Bubble Tea-making machine.

4. Warranty

You can also compare the warranty period and customer service provided by the bubble tea machine suppliers in Nepal. You can check e-commerce websites like Amazon, and Daraz, and contact suppliers like Changing Nepal for additional inquiries, if any. Durable products come with a warranty period, which may vary as per the brand, which is something to check before making the right choice.

5. Reviews

Buying highly reviewed products increases the trustworthiness and credibility of Bubble Tea Machine. You can proceed ahead by gaining costumer’s insights, production descriptions, and ease of use of the machine.

6. Safety Features

You can refer to safety precautions and features when selecting the right set of Bubble Tea machines for your kitchen arena. Ensuring varieties of modules and checking on the safety of the product would help you assess if it is the product you want to invest in for your bubble tea shop.

Benefits of Having Your Bubble Tea Machine

  • Cost Savings

    You can purchase a Bubble Tea Machine for your business to save costs of manual labor in the long run. You can select a cost-effective Bubble Tea machine and extract more benefits and profit as estimated in the future.

  • Convenience

    Having a Bubble Tea Machine makes your bubble tea production and service more convenient. The use of machinery boosts your production function, saves time, and is more convenient than manual production with labor.

  • Customization

    With the aid of machines, you can customize your Bubble Tea, in cases of flavors, textures, and ingredients. It attracts a range of customers, who are divided between their tastes and preferences and various Bubble Tea available in Nepal.

  • Consistency

    Consistent production is the key benefit of the Bubble Tea Machine. You can provide consistency in sweetness, flavors, packaging, and service to the clients.

  • Increase in Productivity

    By convenient use of the Bubble Tea Machine, productivity margin, and scale are increased. This increase in productivity will generate more profit and revenue. Customers are served within time, which adds value to your product and brand.

  • Hygienic Production

    Hygienic production is another benefit of using machines in bubble Tea Production. The machinery assists in the hygienic blending and sealing of mixtures and cups, which attracts customers. It minimized direct contact between human hands and bubble tea ingredients, maintaining hygiene, important for food service.

  • Market Expansion

    If you are someone having market ambition and vision, you can buy a bubble tea machine to increase profitability and high product offerings. Through innovative Bubble Tea recipes and considering customer satisfaction goals, you can expand your market.

Get Maintenance and Care Tips

You can take good care of your Bubble Tea Machine to increase cost and production benefits over a period of time. You can extend the life of a Bubble Tea machine, simply, by following these easy and simple maintenance and care tips. It includes,

  • Lubricating your Machine with engine oils from Time to Time
  • Regular Inspection and Cleaning of your Bubble Tea Machine
  • Drying and Cooling your Machine to Avoid any sort of Damage
  • Referring to Cleaning and Maintenance tips provided by the Brand


Bubble Tea Machine comes in different price ranges in Nepal, you can compare, and book one from a genuine and authentic supplier. You can expand your market, increase your customer base, and provide consistent services to your users after the installation of the Bubble Tea Making and Sealing Machine.

You can also look for an automatic tea brewer, blender, and other important accessories in your Bubble Tea machine. As the machine offers essentials to run your bubble tea business and create numerous supplies within a go, you can have it in your Business. Make sure you choose the right one that aligns with your objectives of the business and enhances the profitability of your Bubble Tea supply business.